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Wowwwwwwwwwww!!!! What a GREAT IDEA!!! LOVE this!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):)


you are GOOD, hey! cool stuff Ronda!!

Erica Hettwer

Love! Thanks for the tutorial! :D


I cannot WAIT to make some of these! Thank you so much! :)


Great idea but I think I will try to coat the back with something so they are a little water resistant. :)


Those are so cute!!! And what a great idea for gifts!


Thank you so much for posting these. I saw them on 2Peas and Ronda told me about the site where the instructions would be. I just love these. I'm definately going to try my hand at making these after I get some of the starters from etsy! They are so cute and seem pretty easy to make. I have a really cute pink owl one that I bought from someone on Etsy and love it! So now I can use my big stash of patterned paper to make my own! Thanks again!


But Ronda, Jessi is Canadian and any self-respecting Canadian would end her sentences with 'eh?', eh? Hey is for starting sentences, like "Hey there, it's all good!" ;)
Lydia from Canada, eh!


Yup, I have to agree with Lydia..... I'm sure Jessie ends her sentences with EH! (just like I do) *wink*

Thanks for the ideas. Tres Cool!

Ronda Palazzari

I promise you Lydia. Jessi ends them with "hey" not "eh". I don't know if it is a BC thing (where she is from originally) or a AB thing (where she lives now) but she truly ends them with hey. Just ask gi! On the phone, on im, in emails, this girl has hey down!


THANKS FOR THE COOL IDEA!!!!! =) You rock!


LOL!!! you girls crack me up...let me just end the debate for YA'LL by saying that i really do say HEY instead EH and it came from NOT wanting to fall into the all canadians say EH category...but hey!!! it's all good.....eh??!!!!

Account Deleted

WOW!! These look sooo cool!!! Thanks for the step by step!!

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