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a lot of nice pics also from my country!!
cheers from italy


Thank you so much for sharing these great tips!
Lusi x


Fantastic tips! Looking forward to seeing more of them on this site! (And a bit envious of your travels ;)

JanMary, N Ireland

Great tips.

I too love scrapbooking and photography - but am very amateur. I got a Canon Rebel Xti for Christmas, and am loving it. Heading to Paris in May, so thanks for the tips and the inspiration.


Funny I should read this today... Just returned from Paris Las Vegas - the casino - and took some photos that illustrate some of the points you made: architecture shots, scenic shots, and snap, snap away. I think I'll make the people shots and the perspective shots something to work on this next month. I only have a Canon digital A630 and a small Kodak digital (in my purse), but the idea is the same - practice, practice, practice, right?!?

Glenda T.

These pictures are amazing and the tips are just what I needed. Thanks!!

lauren hagerman

Ooooo.. LOVE all the photography and the advice!!!! Makes me want to take a trip to a colorful citY! However, I am thinking i should start with hunting out the colorful and architectul in my own city, huh?

Amber Risher

Amateur? More like PRO! Your photography is beautiful! I so need lessons from you...first I need a good camera! LOL Really stunning pics!

Amber R

Patty S

wow, ronda!!!! awesome tips and AWESOME photos! patty :-)


SUUUUUWWWEEEEEEETTTTT!!!! Girl you broke it strait up and down for us! Thanks so much ^---^,


I so wish I had read this before going to Ireland in 2006. I did some of what you talk about here, but your tips really would have made me think a bit more about the shots I was taking, and how I was taking them. Thank you for all of your simple to understand tips!


I love these shots and thanks for the tips


Great tips and beautiful pics!!
thanks, regards, Rosa.


Makes me think of this site: http://www.wartoft.nu/galleri/uppsala36/


awesome tips ronda!! I love your photography skills!!! I can't wait to take some photos with you in july! :)

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