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Gorgeous layout LilyRose and all the other girls - I get so much inspiration from visiting here!
Congrats and keep it coming olw girlies!
Lus x

anita l.

Truly amazing entries! The one that won was my favorite too!


I can’t believe it!!! I will come back and post later, drying my tears and have to get my heartbeat in order first. This means so much to me. THANK YOU!!!
Congrats to all in the slideshow!!!


Amber Risher

Big congrats...so many beautiful lo's here!


I just really want to say a big thank you to Amber, Gigi, Jessi, Karla, Lynn, Tiff, Ronda and all of you that have commented on my work! This means a lot to me! Congrats to all in the "caught our eyes section".
And I was so happy about this I just posted the longest blog post known to mankind.

Lilly rose


Congrats Lillyrose, beautiful layout!
thanks so much OLW for putting my layout in the slide show!!! I am honoured!


So many amazing layouts! I'm so happy to be in the slideshow. Congrats to all!
Thanks again for the great challenge, I'm looking forward to next one allready :D


Congts to Lillyrose! AWSOME layout!
w00t w00t!!! Im in the slide show! A first for me! LOL!



Congratulations to Lillyrose. This is funny. Last sunday I finished my little project for this word. I totally forgot about TIME and thougt I had TIME ENOUGH
Silly me!!

Regards Inge

Glenda T.

Congrats to the winner, that was a stunning layout and the slideshow layouts were gorgeous!! Love the inspiration here and always look forward to the next word!

Glenda T.

ps. I just noticed I'm in the slideshow, thanks so much ladies!! You guys make me look forward to Wednesdays!!


Here is my entry!!!! Thanks Amber! I enjoyed this word very much:) Unsure of where to actually post this!!LOL
Can you tell I am a Newbie!:)


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