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Fauve van Maanen

You rock my world OLW ladies :D


Penny B.

Here's my entry:

Thanks so much for the creative jump start and awesome tips!

Cathy P.

here's mine:


Ok, here's mine:

For once I'm doing this before the deadline :)

Nathalie O

My first time contributing to this site, I really enjoyed this challenge. Thank you

Here is my take on the word BE:

The text reads:
Sweet little one, as you rest your head on my lap, I wish for you….
Dream the biggest dreams, nothing is unattainable.
Look at the world with wonder, there are many magical things to discover.
Believe in your heart that every moment holds a gift in its hands.
Try anything and everything, passions bloom from trying new things.
Imagine, it will allow your creativity to flourish, true beauty will ensue.
Hope for a bigger and brighter future, for a world free of injustice.
Just remember to BE; BE in the moment, BE present, BE yourself


Here's mine...


I'm totally late - but here it is anyway!


oh nooooo !!~ i think i'm a bit late but what the heck...i had sooo much fun and really need that ...little kick of inspiration ! thanks girls for an amazing word :)
here is mine: http://brigittescrap.canalblog.com/archives/2008/08/11/10198091.html

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