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Very clever (and cute) idea! I'll have to remember it. Thanks for sharing this tip!


cute cute CUTE!!!!!!!! My goodness makes we want to bust our some fabric and my Podge!

Thanks for sharing this G!


What a cool technique! I'm definitely going to try this! Thanks so much for the tip!

helen salthouse

Fantastic idea - I have actually done something similar in the past, making a collage out of scraps and cutting shapes from it, but I had never thought of using leftovers from a kit. What a great way of coordinating the result! TFS!


Clever, creative and very effective.


ahhh Gi you are a genius!!! now i want scraps!!


thanks so much for that very inspiring tip. I always have left overs and out of frustration, and not wanting all these little odds and ends to clutter my very precious scrap space, i have been know to throw them away...not any more though!! thanks to gi, i am going to salvage these pieces and create and individual mini masterpiece after a each scrap session to ensure nothing is wasted!!

thanks again!!

Beth Perry

Awesome idea!! And I just hate, hate throwing away last bits of scraps from my fave fabric or pp.. this gives me an excuse not to! lol


I cleaned up my art room today and ended up with a rather substantial pile of scraps, even the size of a quarter! that I just couldn't bear to throw away. Now I know just what to do with them... if only I could figure out how to work that sewing machine of mine!


Wonderful idea, thanks a lot!
I'm definitely gonna try this - maybe except for the sewing part ... :/


wow loved this tip, specially the heart !


Oh my goodness!!! I love this idea! So clever. what a great way to use up those pretty scraps. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


What a nice idea! I need to remember this, because I have LOTS of little scraps....

Irene Dunne

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Your tip for scraps if fabulous. I have a bin of bits and pieces that just keeps growing, you never know when you might need a bit. I am definitely going to try the collage. Might even give the "Word Up" a go.


Fantastic Idea!!

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