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I don't have a spare (scrap)room so all my stuff is upstairs in boxes in my son's room - he'll leave the house (study) in 2 years and then this room will become MINE!!! (and a bit his when he stayes over...) I'm soooo jealous of you, having a place and so much stuff


Rhonda, I just love your creativity center! I'm painting mine next week. Then I have a cabinet maker in to do my paper cabinets, and drawers. I've been buying a few things as I go for storage and decoration. It has been a joy to visit your space and thank you for some great tips. My favorite is your button jar. I just may have to stop by Pier 1 today to see what I can find in the way of a jar! I had decided to store my brads the same way and already have the jars to go on a wall shelf I purchased! Thanks again, Kim


fiona y

i love your room! i recently had a post showing my craft space as well :)

Rachel In Tampa

So funny... I have a collection of "R"'s in the scrapbook room, too! I love the rainbow of fabric hanging abouve your message center... I may look into doing that! TFS!


what a beautiful room to create in! TFS!


What a wonderful space!! I recently had to give up my scrap room to keep the peace between my sons .....I still have a little spot in our study but I miss my little room!!

Terri H

Loving your scrap studio! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


What an inspiring space. I have my table at the end of the living room that goes up and comes down regularily and store in the garage, but one day a kid will move out and then I want to be like you, LOL!! :)


I need to buy a bigger house ;) You are so orgaized, and everything is so pretty as well!!! I love it!

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This post makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. As always your things are just gorgeous and I am grateful that you let us look in! Have a good week!

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Oh my word I love this room!!!!

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