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Ohhhhhhhhh I hope U and your family are feeling better!!!!! :) Congrats to Jan!!! And thanks for choosing my LO as one in the side show! :):):):):):):):):):):):)


First of all, I hope you and your family are all fully well again soon!

And, secondly, thank you SO much for choosing my layout. This one really challenged - and continues to challenge - my heart and all that I'm about so it means a lot to me that you chose it. Bless you! ;)

Edys Gonçalves

They're all wonderful!!! But... and my page??? I post on the topic 28 sep



Oh, and I want to mention that I'm SO excited about Karla's "Journaling Three Ways". You mean I get to take the online class? Woooohoooo! ;D Thank you, Karla!


Jan is an awesome winner!
Hope you and your family are all feeling better now!


a big congrats Jan this is beautiful !!!!!!!!

Corn Flour Mill

Yeah! Wow! Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I really learned a lot.. ^_^

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