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*sigh* thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping this blog live.....sooooooooooooooo much inspo from everyone for the past 2+ years....i will be coming back for inspo on a regular basis! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


thanks for the inspiration over the last couple of years, ladies. you inspire me, girls! i wish each of you all the best!


thank you again so much!! maybe you will pop a word in once in a while for us??


wow...thats crazy...can't believe there is no more...
But I wish you all the best!!!!

Helen Tilbury

yay...thank you...


Thank you for keeping the blog up. I only found you a month ago and was looking forward to this. I guess now I'll go back and startt from the beginning. Thanks for the inspiration


Hi girls I am sooo sooo sorry for this , even if I didn't partecipate often to the challenges I followed you always! I'm very sad about this:( I hope that you can decide to come back and to restart with your challenges one day I'll wait for you!
Big big hugs


Judy Kingston-Smith

Thanks for keeping the blog going you guys! Love comming here from time to time.

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