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I would like to say thank you so much to all of you for the great words and inspiration you have given us :) They have made me step out of my box and grow as a scrapbooker and as a person. I am sad to see you go but will continue to follow you all individually as you are truly inspiring to us all. Thank you again!


Kelly Seim

My heart is breaking. I want to thank you for so much inspiration. I have done every single one since week one and I will miss this so very much. I appreciate all you did here.


:( I guess you just have to do it... good luck!!

Are you keeping the blog up?


aw wow i am going to miss you guys and this fun inspiring little place.


You will be missed.
change can be sad and loss too sometimes.

vanessa falle

I know that life brings change and truly, the hard changes are usually accompanied by the best rewards. Ronda and team, thank you very very much for inspiring a worldwide community to come together to share our love of art. You facilitated a magical experience that none of us will forget. Good luck with whatever your life paths present you. Our gratitude for your efforts & commitment to OLW can't be measured but will be remembered within the pages of our albums. Thanks for everything.

Much love.


I wanted to take the time, and let you know that each one of you were greatly appreciated. While it took me a while to start getting into this type of challenge. It truly has inspired me in ways I can't easily express. It took me away from my comfort zone, I really tried to embrace old photos and really capture the special moments that were new and exciting. I sure hope that I take what this avenue and challenge myself in ways that inspire. Know that you really did make a huge impact on the way I approach scrapbooking to really tell more of a story!

Danielle Muit

So sad to read this but thank you for all those great words, I loved coming here and participating!!
All the best girl, love from Holland, Danielle


Are you keeping the blog up?? i loved all of your ideas and they really help me scrap when i was stuck! thank you so much!


You'll miss us much!!!!!
Good luck...good luck!!! :)
Thanks for all the inspiration!!! You are great!!!

emily pitts

hugs to you all! thank you for all the words.


I have loved all the inspiration you've given and will miss you all, but wish you luck in your chosen path :) x

I hope the blog will stay open to keep the inspiration out there for anyone new to scrapbooking or just looking for some inspiration or like myself who haven't been able to keep up with all the words but would like to go back and use them eventually! :)


You know I love you all, right??
Thank you for your amazing gift, the gift of inspiration and empowerment. From beginning to end you guys have been encouraging people to stop, think and create and for that I am thankful. Hugs and while I wish each of you all the best for the future, I know that the web has mysterious ways of forging friendships and pushing people together. LOVE YOU ALL!! Hugs from my part of the world :)


Awwweee, really sad! Thanks for all the inspiration!


I'm sad, I've been reading since the first word. Thanks for all the inspiration over the years!


Oh nooooo! Well, honestly, I understand that life twists and turns and sometimes the path we're on changes. I've been seeing lots of that in my own life lately. I only started doing OLW this year - but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and only missed 1 word - last weeks! :)

Your own words, as well as your work and your little tutorials have been wonderful and extremely inspiring. Thank you so much for that.

I do hope that our paths will continue to cross out in the creative world! Many many blessings to all of you...

Jules The Bling princess

Boo-hoo!!! I only just found you this year. )-: But thank-you so much for the inspiration and ideas. Good luck on your chosen path. And just remember, you've changed the way many of us look at words, forever more - and that is a good thing!!! (-:


i am beyond sad...but also completely understand that all good things must come to an end....i found u a little over a year ago and have been inspired but the power of your words ever since....good luck to the entire dt in your future endeavors.....u will be missed as will your words.... :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


I am terribly sad to see you OLW go...I have been totally inspired by each and everyone of the DT members and all of the wordsters who play along...thank you for an awesome ride and good luck in whatever adventures call to you next.


oh no! I love this place, I'll miss it and all the inspiration that comes with it. Really sad to see you go. Best of luck with everything.

Donna E.

oh wow, sad news... i am an avid follower eventhough i haven't submitted a single layout... i just love coming over your blog and bask in the wonderful creativity and inspiration you all share... just beautiful!

thank you for the inspiration!

Glenda T.

Oh wow, I came here, as I do every Wednesday hoping to see the new word (I almost thought it was going to be "parting"!) and instead am now left feeling a little sad. I understand though how we each have our journeys in life and you have to follow your path. I can't tell you guys how much I looked forward to Wednesdays and the incredible talent, beauty and inspiration I found here and for that I want to thank each of you. I enjoyed the journey and the ride and wish all of you good luck in your future endeavors. The one thing that made you guys unique was you always had such a wonderful way of introducing the word up, usually full of emotion and meaning that would then in turn inspire me to look deeper within myself. Thank you.


Wow that's so sad!! Thank you so much for all the words and inspiration!! You will all be missed!


You became the part of my scrappingworld that I loved the most! Finding out that using a word as a startingpoint instead of a picture or papers learned me how to make completely different layouts. Layouts I cherished.
Thank you girls for learining me the power of words. Thank you for fantastic and wonderful inspiration. I'll miss you all so very,very, very much!! :(
Hugs, Petra


This is sad news but I own a dictionary and I will move on, on my own! I have your whole list and although I never submitted a layout, I think one of the mini books I'm going to make (and it won't be so mini) will be an adaptation of your list of words, in some way, some day.
Stay in touch with us in some other way, please, 'cause it wasn't just the words. It was you, all of you.
Thanks for the inspiration!

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